Bahamas Miss Universe 2009 – Hot 15 in Swimsuit Competition

20 08 2009

The Miss Universe 2009 preliminary competition was held last August 15 in Bahamas. Check out the Top 15 picks in the swimsuit competition.
We will be proud our very own Bianca Manalo catapulted herself as the no. 1 Asian delegate this year for her mesmerizing stage presence and excellent catwalk skills. Good luck Bianca, you really impress the Pinoy in Bahamas and throughout the world who are watching best and the latest beauty and talent competion in universe. Bianca Manalo really rule on the stage as she pose and walk with confident. Here are the pictures of top 15 hot swimsuit candedates.

1. Australia

1. Australia

2. Netherlands

3. Mexico


4. Dominican Republic


5. Philippines

5. Philippines

6. USA

6. USA

7. Venezuela
7. Venezuela

8. France

8. France

9. South Africa

9. South Africa

10. Indonesia

10. Indonesia

11. Belgium

11. Belgium

12. Iceland

12. Iceland

13. Spain

13. Spain

14. Thailand

14. Thailand

15. Russia

15. Russia

Let us update soon the gown competieion. Who will be the best and look glamour.

Pach gadget collides

3 06 2009

Pach fun in collecting gadgets. He started collected a sticker, modeled by X-Men, Batman and other cartoons. Until such time that Pach make a high level need in life, due to the fact that he cannot reach all his needs because of lack of financial, he started to work and find many ways so that he can raise an income. Finally Pach bought cellphones, starting from 3310 and so on, he has Apple 30gb ipod, until he reach to have PC with LCD monitor, and then an internet cafe, a DT motor. Still not satisfied, he reach his ambition to have a notebook.

Finally feel ease with home works with edifier sound attached to an Acer laptop. Sounds great, really works at early days. After a year, warranty done. Pach Acer laptop collides since even if after turning it on sometimes become white and many times after it was idle become white screen, and the sad one is when you are in the middle of your work.

Does Acer have low quality? I ask many people but they cannot solve that until I go to a local forum an ask about my situation. I am so much disappointed to my notebook as I read in forums about Acer…


Senior Member, said…

i think kamatyunon na imo lcd… permi ba ni nagamit bro? or natagak naba ni?

i found issues from other sites;

Laptop LCD with strange white line – Dev Hardware


I’ve seen similar things happen with dying LCDs. What it usually is happens to be the point of contact between the screen and the connection to the control logic. Sometimes the pins fail to make contact and you end up with strange lines across the screen. There was a calculator which had this issue once and I fixed it with some tape just to hold down the ribbon to the side of the panel, but computer LCDs are far more complex and probably have much smaller connections, so I’m not sure if there is an easy way to fix it…

and you’re not just the one having problems w/ acer;

Laptop screen goes white


I got laptop , named acer aspire 4520 , purchased 11 months ago , now the problem with my laptop is , sometimes the screen of laptop goes whole white , for example , playing a movie or song , in between that , the screen goes whole white and i had no option except restart my laptop , problem with hibernate as well , when i hibernete the laptop and when i boot up after hibernate , screen remains white.. Anybody Can help ?? plz rep. me A.S.A.P

look at laptop #2, in-ani imo bro;

Laptop Repair Help How to troubleshoot and fix laptop video problems

as Pach notice the istoryan experience and sharing, he said to himself that his laptop do not have other remedies aside from setting it aside. Poor Acer!…

But happy to say that there is one thing that I like and makes my mind open and believe that Pach laptop have second life serving. This word from istoryan;

LastChaos //

Junior Member, said…




Originally Posted by junrey24 View Post

mga part, tabang intawon mo nako.

pastilan naa koy klasi online mo kalit lang ka white ako notebook, wala na juy makita after magdagan dagan ang white until totally white na jud, walay laing choise e reset nalang.

ngano mani? 1 year pa kapin ang notebook, ala na raba waranty.

tabang mo beh.. malooy mo…

Ang problema ana sa imung laptop kai naa sa joint niya.

kanang inig abli nimu. ug imu na adjust2x.son or lisu2x.on

ma.ulian siya. same problem rata bro sa akong acer aspire 4715 lang to ako.a

ako gi.ablihan ug ako gi hugtan.

og ikaw mo abli just careful lang sa parts niya bro.

ambot kung unsay tawag anang connector sa joint niya sa lid.

hope this helps.



Ayaw salig sa uban technician.

hambogiro kaayu sila..

mayraba jud kabalo.

basta2x lang ilang trabaho..

naka sulay nako ana..

ako jud gi. prangkahan..

Hope that Pach can make it, soon Pach will update what is the latest and istoryan suggestions does really works or not.


My Bad Trip Istoryans Exp

24 05 2009


Binisay-on ko nalang para masabtan sa tanan, at first lipay kaayo ko kay daghan nako friends, gani sa akong pag sulod sa nalipay ko kay daghan ko mga ideas nga na encounter, ang tanan ok kaayo ang mga advice, mura jud og mga abogado, graveh nindot kaayo jud.

tungod lagi kay dili pa kaayo ko explore diri sa net mao nga nag ask ko mga questions, wala pod nag expect nga naa d i ko ma encounter nga magka mis understand me, ala raman pod to sa akoa gud, dayun og boot huna hunaon layo man pod mi,

one thing lang nag try ko apply online, sipyat lang kay and home number ako pagsabot kanang green plate nga census nga naa sa atong balay. pastilanan lagi. Mao try to ask sa chatbox, timing pod na click nako ang isa dayun nag ask ko, pero lalaki baya to xa, naa naman daw na experience nila nga pasumangil daw pangayu number, dayun sila daw pa purihisyo og tubag if manawag ang company nga gi applyan, pero ako pa jud pasabot sa home number usbon nako kato census number nga green plate naa sa atong balay.

nagka mis understand nami, daghan na dayon mo insist, but angkon ko nga sayop ko, pero ask ko nila yaw nalang balik balika. pero napagtripan ko, saon taman.

lahi man gud ila pasabot sa akoa, nangilad daw ko, sige nalang basta ang alam ko wala ko intensyun nga mangilad, dili pod ko mag sayang time ana.

pero mao na lagi, ako naman jud ang nahimong dautan ato.

sige nalang, gisulat lang nako ni aron makuha ninyo ako point og unsa naa sa ako mind.
basta dili ko mangilad og dili pod ko magbinuang, angkon pod ko nga naa ko sipyat.

ang naka daot lang kay gikuha ako contact og gi search ako mga site og links dayun nag yaga yaga na sila sa chat box…

tan awa gud…if naa pako intention pangilad ibutang kaha nako akong personal contact sa profile?
elite member na sila sa storyans, or high member na pero kung tan awon ila profile pic sa babaye dayun walay contact details. mao nay klaro nga nagilad.. d ba?

so please lang yaw pod mo palabi, kay maot ng naa tay bikil gamay, nisulod man ta forums para magtinabangay..

hunaut masabtan..

salamat istoryanz..

Lechon Special

10 05 2009

Lechon Special , I abide Pinoy also yes I live fun of eating even if I do not have the money at my pocket. get it! I just want to share to you how delicious and how mouth lover is our Lechon Special .
Yeah, the price is around 240 php per kilo, many fish we can buy to this amount of money, but why people wants Lechon Special? Answer: It is because of my Igso Peter who is experienced in Tuyok style and have a magic in taste.

See? Igso ready to chop it, one kilo for you? taste this Special Lechon and you always call us! smile.

Actually we celebrate Birthday every Sunday,he he. we make Lechon Special here and market it.

Well, negosyo is Ok, some are Utang. But they pay it after they find a job. POOR!

you can have Lechon Speacial also while having fun in Tuboran.

Life still goes on, Happy to eat Lechon.

Eriberta Spring, Tuboran, Mahayag Zds

10 05 2009


After my college years, try to visit my home town. Ohh, nice to see that it has the improvement. Also the one that I love to go most of my life which I do really miss it so much. Hmmm, finally can go back to the spring of life, Eriberta Spring, Tuboran, Mahayag. The best I cannot resist, no words to say (hadlok mabuyagan) he he.

As I travel ride going to the spring, I found out that the road is already widen, smooth, no bigger rocks, easy to go to about 5-7 kilometers before arriving Eriberta Spring, Tuboran, from town proper of Mahayag.

Finally, with my two big round eyes I see Welcome to Eriberta Spring, Tuboran, Mahayag. I hear my miss yelling flow water, which calling my deep heart to feel the real beauty of nature, how gifted our place is. I am so proud of it.

Here are some of my pictures:


The best in Eriberta Spring. Unceasing flow of water from deep love of God to the place Tuboran which means SOURCE, really source of water that supply almost whole of town Mahayag.

“Ingon ani ka nindot ang flow sa water, hope nga ingon ani pod ka nindot ang flow sa atong Life. ^ ^”



Cement all and creatively design, one of the Resorts best.

Only at Eriberta Spring.

Brom Brom..tit tit…

WOW, Eriberta Spring. Design and create naturally, develop amazingly. All are natures gift and made to the best in it.

See it? ^_-


If I can, of course almost of my days I stay this place, My dear Tuboran.

I have made it, so much cold. Really complete my summer. Try it! COme and enjoy.

apila pod ko.. he he

JOBapalooza ’09, Apply online

7 05 2009


In line with the celebration of Labor Day, May 1, 2009. Walk in and online job seekers try to apply online or go with the flow by their self grabbing opportunity of The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)Tayo Na! Trabaho Na! JOBapalooza ’09. Even if we experience an economic global crisis government and DOLE find way on it. But it copes all the job needy?

Anyway JOBapalooza ’09, about 30,ooo applying online for work nationwide and much more if qualify for abroad. Some are hired instantly, JOBapalooza ’09 launched yesterday May 1 at at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. More that 1,000 recruitment agencies and employers will be participating and an estimate of 250,000 job opportunities will be given to fresh graduates and jobseekers. Simultaneous regional job fairs will also be conducted in Visayas and Mindanao, they can apply online also.

The labor department’s Bureau of Local Employment encouraged new graduates and jobseekers to avail of the job opportunities by registering or applying online for the “JOBapalooza ’09” using the Internet links:

Good luck to all Filipino’s.

WOWOWEE touches human soul

27 04 2009


This sucks notebook become white and no more writing will see by my tearing eyes, no other alternatives aside from restarting it. Sucks, it loses my porno loading I do not know what is the best medicine to this. But despite all, again I start writing to the topic that before I really want to write it, maybe since the person that involves to this article does not want to be a part, that result to the lost of everything before. Sorry for you all, but I am hardheaded man, I will do what is in my mind and in my heart. Rest assure that I will not make your heart cry.

At first my face is mostly like a shape of a TV, since I forget everything while I watch TV shows much more if I like the show. I have scroll many channels, I see interesting like, CNN, National Geographic Channel, Discovery Channel, Reality TV, AXN, Solar etc. Since TV bring new to our own home.

Actually, there is one show that I do not want to miss it, cause this shows make all my day happy and reminds me in all my sadness part of life and also it is the mirror of my passed, of coarse I have learned many things to this, every day, have new, every day I have a joy, everyday there are many people who will show there yellow teeth while laughing heartily the best show.

I admit, that I am one of them, sometimes I cry, many times I appreciate it. The best! No other shows can compete it, no other show can make people happy and also because this program many people discovered and become king and queen of TV shows.

I think that you are tired of hanging in, now I will tell you what is all about that I am talking for… It is all about WOWOWEE that touches human soul, maybe there are many people writing there about what they are inside there heart, I am one of them that really wants to share what I feel inside while I am watching the show. A noon show that eliminates heat of the sun, it makes us relax while watching.

I would like to thank Willie R. for the great job well done. For the Director, staff, Pokwang,the fashion overwhelm, Valliere, Mariel and all the dancers, to Bentong also that make a great part of the show, without Bentong there is NO WOWOWEE.

There are many people have change their life, there are many talents that discovered, there are many deep feelings that keep for many years but it will reveal with in the show. All are happiness, tragedies life, mysterious and fun.

I just wonder that maybe this game show can change my life also, if I can meet and talk personally to Willie, ang taas naman ng pangarap ko! kau naisip niyo ba ang tungkol dito? Or just watching lang kau tapos tinitingnan ang mali lamang, magbago naman kayo sa buhay, positive naman ang tingnan n’yo.

I see also that WOWOWEE travel foreign places, give happiness and joy there, many peolple abroad helped by this program, it reaches to the whole world that it makes very good to people. I hope that I play this game show soon.

But now I am in Mindanao, I cannot afford to walk to Manila. I feel tired of writing here, to let you know that there are many words here in the tio of my tounge, I cannot write it more, no ideas anymore.

I end this article just saying. Libre lang mangarap!

going to sleep and dream that soon my life will change.

ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZzzz… … .. .. . .

Bastard Seed

27 04 2009


Hatred of being Bastard

Hatred is the real reason on why I post a blog, I must tell you that I heat myself, I heat all people around the world, I heat politics, currupt officials and I heat kidnappers, I heat scammers, I heat blogger, teacher, I heat business, I heat work, and most of all I heat soldiers.
Blog for me is an expression of what we feel inside but sometimes it ABUSE using to popularize oneself. I am the man with no friends, no neighbor, no parents, no sisters and bothers, no place to go and no shelter. I have no happiness, no joy, no freedom, no hope,no ideas, no opinions, no internet,no degital camera, no PC. I don’t have self confidents, persona no grata, cog in the whell, no use, not important, NO MONEY.

Once I write something, I usually like to leave it be. I absolutely, positively hate going back and explaining shit even when it’s clear the majority of people have missed the point I was fumbling around to make.

But then again, I also hate being misunderstood.

Furthermore, when faced with the option of either revising my statement or being perpetually misunderstood, I’ll usually opt for the latter. What can I say? When it comes to this site, I’m pretty lazy.

However, just recently a few religious types have claimed to identify with a couple of my viewpoints. This just seems to innately wrong to me that I find myself unable to overlook the confusion any longer. So here I am, hoping to clarify this article.

To be clear, I do not believe in the sanctity of marriage. Generally, I think marriage is a load of bollocks and I strongly recommend against it to anyone and everyone who will listen. While my own marriage happens to be a good one, I realize how very fortunate I am to have it and I recognize fully that not many people respond as successfully when put in a similar institution. Not only that, but some of the happiest couples I know have never gotten married, although they have remained in committed relationships for decades.

I don’t believe in God. But even if I did, I don’t think he gives a damn who I fuck or shack up with. The idea of marriage being a ‘holy union’ is utterly preposterous to me.

Additionally, I very strongly believe in less government and will insist until the day I die that politicians should stay the fuck out our private matters unless there is a child being abused. So yeah, the piece of paper doesn’t mean shit to me.

What I have a problem with is the idea that marriage is a bigger commitment than having a child. The trivialization of parenthood in this modern world sets my teeth on edge.

If I were to meet a pregnant, unwed Mother who told me that while she loved her partner and was committed to him completely, she would not be getting married because she didn’t think it was necessary to legalize her love, then I would applaud her wholeheartedly.

If I were to meet the same pregnant, unwed Mother, only this time she claimed that she might like to get married someday, but maybe not to her unborn child’s Father because she didn’t really know him that well and wasn’t sure that she wanted him as a life partner, then I would have to fight the urge to knock her vacant little teeth out.


Most people nowadays don’t seem to realize that there is no commitment greater than having a child. The decision to bring human life into this world is one that should be made carefully, after much thought and planning, and it should never, ever, ever be taken lightly. A child deserves that much.

Yet, we have children being brought into this world right now by people who don’t even know if they like each other. Hell, I’ve seen people stress over which cell phone they’re going to buy for months on end only to decide offhandedly one day that maybe they’re going to take a crack at ‘this whole parenting thing.’ That’s a tragedy and the only people who suffer are the kids.

Part of being a responsible parent is taking care to choose the right Father (Or Mother-guys, you don’t get off that easy!) for your children. If you can’t be bothered to even do that, then how can I trust you to feed your children? How can I trust you to make sure they get an education? How can I trust you to be kind and fair and loving and firm? How can I know that your child won’t someday grow up to steal my car? Or drive drunk down my neighborhood streets? Or murder my child because he grew up angry and neglected after you failed to raise him properly?

When parents fail to make a joint commitment to each other and their children, all of society suffers from their irresponsibility.

So to clarify, a bastard seed is a child brought into this world without any care or planning on the part of his parents. The very fact that he exists without committed parents who intend to raise him in the best possible way, as if his life is no more important a decision to make than the decision to buy a new washing machine is, is an attitude we should all be ashamed of.

Once again, I say: just say ‘NO!’ to bastard seeds.